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Asset Management

Lytho’s digital asset management platform gives you one place to access, store, and share all of your brand and creative assets securely. Its visual interface makes it easy and intuitive to use, without extensive training.

Asset Manager Endless Searches

No More Endless Searches

Easily find the creative assets you need on the fly with Lytho’s unique functionality.

  • Lytho Smart Taxonomy uses “smart tags” to help you find the assets you need within just a few clicks.
  • Self-learning artificial intelligence technology makes it easy to locate similar images.
  • Bidirectional Adobe integration means you can even find assets without leaving Adobe Creative Cloud. WordPress and Microsoft product plugins, along with our open API, help you work with assets in your everyday solutions.


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One Place for All Your Creative Assets

Ensure all of your stakeholders have access to all of the assets they need – and not the ones they don’t.

  • Storing all creative assets in one place ensures everyone works with the right versions and reduces the “rework” that occurs when assets can’t be located.
  • Use Lytho’s Collections feature to group assets together for easier accessibility.
  • Assign specific permissions to assets so they are only visible to the individual or group of users you specify. And add “quitclaim” information to assets to ensure usage complies with consent agreement timeframes.


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Share Files Securely

Lytho makes it easy for you to both share and receive assets without worrying about them falling into the wrong hands.

  • Limit how long someone can access the files you share by setting expirations.
  • Choose whether or not to allow files to be downloaded.
  • Create a “request for upload” link to receive large files from external vendors and others hassle-free.


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