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Our brand management solution consists of three modules designed to make sharing, creating, controlling and publishing content easy and efficient.

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What is a Brand Management Solution? 

A Brand Management Solution is a software or platform that helps in managing your brand. The most difficult part of branding is not creating a new one, but managing the brand you’ve established in a consistent and efficient manner, across channels, year after year. Brand Management Solution is a partner that helps: 

  • Securely store, share, and create all your content in one platform — no more duplicates, no more missing files. 
  • Make sure your materials are always on-brand 
  • Build interactive brand guidelines that are a joy to read (and edit, without creating multiple versions) 
  • Connect everyone to your brand 
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How does a Brand Management Solution work? 

Lythos’ Brand Management Solution consists of three modules: 

Brand Center

It’s one thing to define your brand identity and create a style guide to support it. But most of the time these documents just gather dust in a drawer or folder somewhere, never to be seen again. Brand Center makes it easy to create and adjust cloud-based guidelines that all employees know how to access whenever needed. 

Brand Center is also where your brand’s style and visual image lives. It stores all your fonts, logos, visuals, Tone of Voice, colors, and other elements that form your brand's DNA. 

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Digital Asset Management (DAM)

A DAM is an advanced searchable library that has been designed for organization’s with hundreds of marketing, sales, branding, and other digital assets. Lytho's solution disrupts the market with a DAM that is so intuitive that users can find and use any content they are looking for in a matter of seconds without any training.  

A DAM makes storing, finding and sharing images, videos and other content up to 70% faster. You can work and share safely and securely both with internal colleagues as well as external partners like distributors and agencies. 

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Create & Publish

This unique feature allows you to create and publish branded content directly from your asset library without any design skills. You can scale content production, lower agency costs, improve efficiency and support your partners in promoting your products or services. No need to upload and download different versions to edit or create material, why not just do everything from one system!

Create & Publish is fully integrated with Adobe Creative Cloud which ensures high quality output and professional results.

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Who is a Brand Management Solution for? 

A Brand Management Solution is helpful for all companies that have a brand, care about branding, or want to develop a strong brand. It’s especially necessary for companies that:  

  • Are growing (rapidly) 
  • Have hundreds or thousands of visuals, marketing and sales materials, and other content 
  • Have decentralized marketing teams or multiple regions and offices  
  • Work with internal and external partners like agencies, subsidiaries, distributors, resellers 

The more stakeholders you have, the more difficult it is to manage your brand. This always leads to inconsistencies, inefficiencies, and lowered brand recognition and awareness. A decline in your brand value is directly linked to customer retention, employee turnover, and lower revenue. 

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Why use a
Brand Management Solution?

Brand management is complicated because it's a part of your company's DNA. It's your story, your product, and your people. It's how your customers perceive you and why investors believe in you. Branding is not just one department that controls what your logo looks like and defines what your official company colors are. It should be the embodiment of why your company exists. 

Branding has been democratized through digital transformation. It's easy for everyone to share their stories and content about your brand. But companies are struggling to harness this opportunity. They are experiencing more inconsistencies, pressure to scale on-brand content without scaling their costs, and difficulties in communicating their relevance to their target audience. 

Top brands win over customers who make repeat purchases not because they have a superior product but because they have a superior brand. They embody something that inspires advocacy and loyalty. And they do so all the time, everywhere. Not just in some regions or via some of their channels. In order to rise to this level, all your stakeholders need to become connected with your brand. 

That's why we created Lytho, the most innovative and user-friendliest Brand Management Solution in the market. We can assist you in all aspects of brand management, from growing your content pipeline and making your brand consistent to helping your partners and distributors promote you better. 

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Brand Management Solution Use Cases 

Curious to hear more about what a Brand Management Solution can do for you? Check out our resources that go into the specifics of what Lytho can do for different teams, and what problems we help solve for our customers. 

Brand Management Solution for Teams

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Brand Management Solution vs. Digital Asset Management 

A digital asset management system, or DAM system, is a searchable library for all your digital assets. It is a solution that goes beyond a simple media library to brand consistency. It’s main function is to structure assets simply and streamline the operations tasks of marketing and creative teams – a DAM streamlines your marketing efforts, and saves time publishing your digital content.  

Digital asset management simply means managing your company’s content like images, videos, content templates. This is a part of successful brand management as well, but these two solutions are not the same.  

Brand Management Solution goes beyond just effectively organizing and storing your content. It’s more than a tool for keeping your materials neat and safe. A Brand Management Solution also helps scale your content by offering functionalities that enable you to create more. It flags duplicates, helps collaborators communicate, and shares important information like your brand’s guidelines.  

Most importantly, a Brand Management Solution’s focus and goal is to make your brand management tasks a breeze. It has been developed with all tasks brand management in mind. Plain digital asset management systems are task-focused and separate from helping out your brand. 


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