Brand Management Solution for Creatives

Creatives are bursting with new ideas. They are happiest when they get to create new things, experiment on messaging and design, and build beautiful things that resonate with your people. Creatives don’t want to be slowed down by repetitive tasks or mundane requests that don’t need skill and, well, creativity. Enter Lytho’s Brand Management Solution. It can erase your troubles by making sharing, creating, controlling and publishing all your brand’s stories easy and efficient.

“Too many requests, too little time.”

Solution: Many creatives struggle because they are getting squished under growing(ly trivial) content demands. With Lytho’s Create & Publish module, you can create powerful InDesign templates that are on-brand and easily editable by people with no design skills. You can focus your skills on projects that add value and hand over the smaller repetitive tasks to your colleagues.

“Working with separate tools takes a lot of time.”

Solution: Lytho is an award-winning Adobe partner that offers advanced integrations with all your favorite software. Imagine not having to exit InDesign to find images to go with your visuals. Or editing your work straight from where your content lives. No uploading, no downloading, no wasted time.

Brand Management Solution for Creatives
Easily create content
“I spend too much time searching for the right images.”

Solution: And you’d rather spend most of your effort in creating cool stuff, am I right? Store all your things in one central spot where you can find everything with just a couple of clicks. Lytho’s advanced tags allow you to find visuals in innovative ways – from a certain angle to a specific size or exact color code. Share and showcase all your creations with everyone in and outside of your company without ever leaving the platform.


“I don't know which visuals already exist which means I often recreate content.”

Solution:  If you don’t know you have it, how will you use it! Most companies own thousands of visuals which are then lost in stuffy folders or, even worse, someone’s hard drive. Lytho’s solution helps you find any visual or file that fits your requirement, flags duplicates that crowd your space, and gives data on the popularity of your assets.

Why Lytho is the #1 choice for creatives

We are the most innovative and user-friendliest Brand Management Solution in the market.

  • Securely store, share, and create all your content in one platform — no more duplicates, no more missing files.
  • Create templates for colleagues with no design skills (and use the saved time for the good stuff).
  • Stop back-and-forth emailing to find the files you are looking for.
  • Share content straight from the source with partners and colleagues.
  • Advanced integrations with design software.

“Lytho has enabled us to centralize all our assets so that our Headquarters have a reliable overview of what is going on in different regions. We are saving a lot of time and energy now that our content operations are streamlined and efficient.” 

- Nel Meinderts from KIWA

“We are happy with Lytho because they deliver what they promise. We are excited to grow with them and recommend that all companies that are looking for an easy solution for storing and sharing content with colleagues and distributors also check out Lytho.”

- Josephine Petruccelli from Segway

“Lytho is a valuable partner for scaling our content efficiently and organizing our digital assets.” 

- Brand Manager at Ava

“Implementing Lytho has been easier than we ever imagined. Everything is going smoothly; our requests are being handled on time and our account manager has been a great help every step of the way.” 

- Kevin Baltruweit from Lavazza