Brand Management Solution for the Education Sector

The education sector is unlike any other. Marketers in this industry are trying to attract talented students, promote quality research and elevate the brand image of their institute. See how a Brand Management Solution can help the education industry increase their brand impact and make searching, creating and publishing content easier.

Promote with authenticity

Since the education industry is not about selling products but selling knowledge, marketers are focusing on sharing authentic (student/teacher/researcher) stories to spread their message. But which stories or accompanying pictures or videos are okay to use and where, when do your user rights to these materials expire?

Lytho’s Brand Management Solution is ideal for the education industry because it links your QuitClaims to the assets that are tied to it. This means no one can use assets in the wrong way or spend hours looking for the signed approval slips and going through the fine print.

brand management in education industry

Quality attracts

Brand consistency is so important for educators because their employer's competitive advantage is quality. Everyone wants to send their kids to a good school and when it’s time to pick a spot for a tertiary education, we all want to end up somewhere respectable that gives great prospects for future employment. To present your institute as a top choice, you need to be consistent. Lytho’s solution makes sure that no materials are shared or published without them being top quality and in line with your brand guidelines.

Optimize spending

One thing that the education industry doesn’t have enough of is budget (expecially in marketing). Spending is scrutinized and there can be no splurging on agencies. Thankfully, Lytho offers locked templates with a built-in Adobe InDesign integration. That means that your marketers can create gorgeous flyers, banners, print-ready books, etc. without any design skills whatsoever.

Keep it safe

You are dealing with sensitive materials that have personal information of underaged children and other private details in them. It’s crucial that all your assets from images to videos and presentations are controlled, stored, and shared securely, so that only the right people can access them. Lytho supports complex user rights and holds several security certifications for maximum safety for all your files.

Scale marketing efforts

Your institute most likely offers several education programmes and options for different people with different goals and ambitions. Segmenting your marketing and target audiences is a must. You want to reach the people who are most likely to get excited about your offering, which is why you need to make it very specific. But how can you produce more and more specific content with the same resources? Lytho can boost your content and marketing operations and save up to 70% of time spent on mundane tasks and coordination. This time, together with professional quality locked templates, makes it easy to create and publish content with speed.

Why Lytho is the #1 choice for educators

We have experience in working with other educators like Vista College and many others. We know the industry and what your challenges are. 

  • Securely store, share, and create all your things in one platform — no more duplicates, no more missing files.
  • Let the whole team whip up on-brand content with software that is so easy to use it requires no training.
  • Easily see which content you are allowed to use and where.
  • Advanced integrations with all the software you use and love.
  • Take back control of your assets and stop spending on agencies.

“Lytho has enabled us to centralize all our assets so that our Headquarters have a reliable overview of what is going on in different regions. We are saving a lot of time and energy now that our content operations are streamlined and efficient.” 

- Nel Meinderts from KIWA

“We are happy with Lytho because they deliver what they promise. We are excited to grow with them and recommend that all companies that are looking for an easy solution for storing and sharing content with colleagues and distributors also check out Lytho.”

- Josephine Petruccelli from Segway

“Lytho is a valuable partner for scaling our content efficiently and organizing our digital assets.” 

- Brand Manager at Ava

“Implementing Lytho has been easier than we ever imagined. Everything is going smoothly; our requests are being handled on time and our account manager has been a great help every step of the way.” 

- Kevin Baltruweit from Lavazza