Brand Management Solution for Multi-Brand Companies

Multi-brand companies know the value of branding and they are great at building brands. But how about managing multiple brands and keeping them consistent year after year? See how a Brand Management Solution can help the multi-brand companies increase their brand impact and make searching, creating and publishing content easier.

Diversify and prevent silos

One of the key struggles unique to multi-brand companies is the need to keep their brands separate but, at the same time, also unified in values, beliefs, and other core things. Lytho’s Brand Management Solution helps multi-brand companies store all their files, identities, and stories in one place so that it’s easy to keep tabs on all the brands and their developments.

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Cut back on coordination

Most multi-brand companies spend a shocking amount of time coordinating campaigns, looking for images and recreating lost files. You can save 70% of that time when you store all your assets in one central place where you can find everything with just a couple of clicks. Lytho’s advanced tags allow you to find visuals in innovative ways – from a certain angle to a specific size or exact color code.

Implement tools that work for all brands

Are all your brands using different software to solve the same problem? You want to build an environment where every solution has a place, there are no overlapping systems, and everything works seamlessly with the rest of the package. We get it. Lytho was built to work together with everything you already use. We offer advanced integrations with the most popular software and are working towards a world where no one has to download anything on their hard drive.

Get insights on what works

Dozens of offices, different brands, regions, partners, agencies, teams, languages — and they all are promoting your brands in their preferred style. Use Lytho as the only source of content and you will get reports on how your assets are being used, what is being created, and which visuals aren't working. You can set complex user rights structures to make sure that people only have access to the things that are meant for them. Less misunderstandings, more insights.

Control your brands

Are you keeping brand guidelines on a PDF and sharing updated versions over and over again? Or are your guidelines scattered all over the intranet? Both scenarios will lead to troubles with consistency in your multi-brand company because so many versions exist. It’s a hassle for your colleagues to find out which file is the correct one and who's hard drive it's on. Lytho improves brand alignment by storing all your brand guidelines in a cloud-based and user-friendly way. Easy to edit and you control the user access, so brands don’t get mixed up.

Why Lytho is the #1 choice for multi-brands

We have experience in working with other multi-brand companies like BMW, Friesland Campina and many others. We know the industry and what your challenges are. 

  • Securely store, share, and create all your things in one platform — no more duplicates, no more missing files.
  • Keep your brands distinctly separate but not too far apart.
  • Easily control which content people are allowed to use and where.
  • Advanced integrations with all the software you use and love.
  • See how different brands are performing.
  • Simplify your software landscape and increase brand consistency.

“Lytho has enabled us to centralize all our assets so that our Headquarters have a reliable overview of what is going on in different regions. We are saving a lot of time and energy now that our content operations are streamlined and efficient.” 

- Nel Meinderts from KIWA

“We are happy with Lytho because they deliver what they promise. We are excited to grow with them and recommend that all companies that are looking for an easy solution for storing and sharing content with colleagues and distributors also check out Lytho.”

- Josephine Petruccelli from Segway

“Lytho is a valuable partner for scaling our content efficiently and organizing our digital assets.” 

- Brand Manager at Ava

“Implementing Lytho has been easier than we ever imagined. Everything is going smoothly; our requests are being handled on time and our account manager has been a great help every step of the way.” 

- Kevin Baltruweit from Lavazza