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Lytho has a fully connected Create & Publish solution. Every team member can create marketing resources within Lytho and publish them directly to any of your platforms. It’s even connected to Adobe Creative Cloud.

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Automated creation
Lytho allows you to create marketing resources within your brand guidelines without the need to use external designers.

Diverse publishing
Publish content directly to your website, e-commerce platform, social media or printing company.

Adobe Creative Cloud
Our Create & Publish solution is connected to the Creative Cloud and has a full integration with InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator.

Adobe InDesign Server
InDesign Server is also fully integrated with Lytho. It allows you to create complex publications to comply with high quality standards for print.

With pre-defined templates, everyone can communicate on brand. Create social posts, landing pages and even brochures in no time.

Create & Publish

Create and Publish

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