Digital Asset Management ROI

To calculate the full value of a digital asset management system, we need to consider all the areas that it affects. Using a DAM system has many benefits, which can be roughly grouped into four categories:

  • Brand consistency: Making sure everything is created and used on-brand.
  • Marketing efficiency: Scaling content creation and collaboration with internal and external stakeholders.
  • Improved collaboration: Helping all colleagues work on up-to-date versions and share work.
  • Maximized talent: Take away mundane tasks, allow your team to truly contribute and work on what they're good at.

Digital asset management impacts your people, your brand, and your assets. Thus, the formula for calculating the ROI of a DAM is:

Savings on your asset spend + added value to your brand - cost of your DAM solution = ROI

If you'd like to see how these factors can be calculated with real-life examples, check out this free whitepaper:

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