The digital age has allowed marketing and creative teams to personalize assets at an unprecedented scale. As a result, tailored marketing and materials are no longer a nice-to-have — consumers demand them.

In fact, data from McKinsey shows that 71% of consumers expect personalization. More than that, 76% get frustrated when they don’t get it.

You can bet your competitors have seen these stats and have incorporated creative automation tools to meet the demand.

Additionally, diverse marketing channels and multiple team members involved in content creation make ensuring brand consistency a significant challenge. As companies compete to max out their market share, it’s essential that your brand has the proper tools to protect its representation. Otherwise, you risk dilution of brand identity and confusion among consumers.

Consumers want personalized digital content, but marketers have a hard time producing it.

Source: Lytho Tempo – Creative Automation Software

How can you produce a steady flow of personalized assets at scale and on brand to meet all quadrants of your market? Lytho’s creative operations platform is here to help with an exciting new feature.

Learn how Lytho Tempo streamlines high-volume creative asset production with Data Merge. Also, take a closer look at other features that make Tempo indispensable for your creative production process.

How Data Merge Makes Personalization Easier Than Ever

Lytho Tempo’s Data Merge lets anyone in your organization easily customize assets through creative automation. A user simply imports data from a spreadsheet to auto-populate the variable fields in a Tempo Smart Template. With this functionality, users can mass produce custom materials for any situation.

That means no more entering unique text and images into files one at a time and then struggling with formatting. Just select a Smart Template and use the Data Merge feature to create hundreds, even thousands, of asset variations in no time.

Easily Use Multiple Types of Customizable Asset Data

Lytho is software from creatives and marketers for creatives and marketers. Because of that, we make sure you have everything you need to work efficiently and with minimal headaches.

With Tempo’s Data Merge, you can streamline one-to-many production of deliverables that contain variable data such as:

  • Distinct text like names, prices, and taglines in different languages
  • Images and logos
  • Unique brand colors
  • Embeddable links
  • QR codes, bar codes, and coupon codes

Tempo even lets you adjust between different layouts. If most documents are in landscape but you need a few in portrait, signal that distinction in your spreadsheet to seamlessly output what you need.

Lytho Tempo allows users to create multiple assets with different layouts.

Source: An Introduction to Alternate Layouts | Lytho Guide

Ideal Use Cases for Tempo Data Merge

Anyone who needs to create dozens, hundreds, or thousands of unique items for marketing, branding, education, or service will appreciate this creative automation tool.

For example, a university may print thousands of diplomas each semester. Each document lists:

  • The issuing institution’s name
  • The issuing institution’s seal
  • The degree title
  • The issuant’s name
  • The date of issue
  • The signature of an official

Instead of spending hours entering each of these details manually, Data Merge does it in a fraction of the time and eliminates opportunities for human error.

Restaurants need localized menus and window clings that show distinct specials and promotions for the area. Sales teams across industries require sales brochures and catalogs that cater to different personas and different markets.

Hospitals and healthcare teams can produce helpful educational cards, one-pagers, and posters that adjust the language and imagery according to demographics. Even white-label product or service providers can quickly generate personalized marketing materials for their resellers with the appropriate colors, branding, and logos.

In these instances and many others, Tempo’s Data Merge automates the asset creation process. This ensures each document presents a clean, unified appearance while minimizing errors.

Other Outstanding Features of Tempo

Tempo’s Data Merge feature complements and amplifies the existing elements that make the tool so great.

Smart Templates

The foundation of Tempo’s functionality is its Smart Templates. These advanced asset frameworks are what allow you to personalize content across assets.

Instead of repeatedly and extensively modifying files, Smart Templates have variables wherever an element of the asset will change. Then, you can use Data Merge to insert the right element for each document, serving as a huge timesaver.

Data shows that Lytho Tempo helped the American Cancer Society cut job requests and save time.

Source: Tempo – Creative Automation Software

Lytho DAM Integration

When you use Lytho, all features work together to ensure smooth collaboration with your whole team. Case in point, stakeholders need access to individual elements (like logos and other branding) to personalize materials. Those assets should be easy to find and remain protected from loss (like accidental deletion) or damage (like unintentional alterations).

Lytho’s Digital Asset Manager is a convenient way to give everyone access to the assets they need. Instead of combing through folder after folder, smart tags help users find assets quickly. Permission settings keep users out of areas they shouldn’t be in, minimizing mistakes and upholding privacy.

Lytho DAM has the added benefits of ensuring compliance with copyright laws and preventing unauthorized access. Plus, versioning capabilities save your team from losing important past iterations of an item.

Get a Better Look at How Lytho Tempo Helps You Simplify Creative Operations

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