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Lytho's Digital Asset Management Solution allows you to keep your entire company on-brand. Quickly access your assets from the platforms you use most with our integrations; Adobe CC, Microsoft Office, WordPress and more.

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Awarded as one of the 10 most promising Adobe solution providers in 2019:
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Never Download an Asset Again

Be Consistent with our Brand Center

  • Protect your brand guidelines
  • Ensure that everyone uses the same logos, fonts, and image formats
  • Store all guidelines in one place 

Be Efficient with our Digital Asset Manager

  • Store all documents, pictures, and videos in one place
  • Use multiple ways to find an asset
  • Share content with external people

Be Creative with our Create & Publish

  • Empower your employees to create marketing content using templates 
  • Generate InDesign quality output
  • Publish content instantly 

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Use one source for all content

Instead of scattering your content over different tools, Lytho gathers all your comm, marketing, and sales content in one place.

Develop on-brand templates

With Lytho, everyone is a designer. Predefined templates make it easy to create advertorials, websites or brochures within your content hub.

Save 70% of your time

Advanced search options and easier feedback processes within Lytho allow you to spend time on what matters.
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Maximizing people’s talents

We believe everyone should do what they are good at. Don’t let them waste time on coordination and consultation. That’s why we take care of that with a clear automated solution.

This is Lytho

30 years of experience
Lytho is the product of 30 years of experience. After listening to leading marketeers, designers, UX researchers, and anyone who gave us valuable feedback, we decided it was time to create something new.

The 21st century lithograph
The lithograph made text and artwork accessible to the masses and inspired people who never knew they were creative. It birthed a new era of creativity. We aim to take the next step in the same direction. With Lytho, everyone’s a creative.

A strong identity
We empower people through creation. Our own brand identity is defined by our own creation. Today, people recognize a brand through a visual style, rather than a logo or a baseline. A content hub is more important than ever to keep everything on brand.